Why do millennials bet on Bitcoin?

Sociologists call the representatives of this generation millennials as they grew up in the new millennium.

It is this internet generation that will be the key driver of the expansion of the Bitcoin network, says BlockFi CEO Zach Prince.

He expressed his views at the BlockShow conference held from December 7 to 11 at the initiative of Singapore and was dedicated to the field of fintech.

During his speech, Zach Prince pointed out three main trends that will accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies. The CEO of BlockFi put the transition of millennials into cryptocurrencies in the first place.

We are currently witnessing the transfer of capital from old investors to their children and grandchildren. These funds are likely to be invested in innovative tools, including cryptocurrencies.

The growth of the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies and the rapid development of innovative tools will also contribute to a more intensive distribution of the latter.

Young people are following the trends in the crypto market and will invest more actively in that market if the value of Bitcoin continues to grow, Prince believes.

Millennials are a very valuable group(of potential investors). They are ahead of all trends.

he pointed out.

Other conference participants who shared the stage with the prince – Michael Sonnenshine from Grayscale and Aya Kantorovich from FalconX – agreed and added that young people, in addition to Bitcoin, are also interested in the biggest so-called altcoins.

The most popular among them are Ether (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC).