7 Characteristics Of A Great Leader Handling A Small Business

Great leaders come in all shapes and size however what makes them impressive is usually to do with how they can motivate the team. And often having one on the team tends to make a significant difference.

Defining what precisely makes a ‘leader’ in itself is usually a challenging task. On the one hand it might be to do with personality, but generally, it’s the experiences they have amassed that make them so great. Check out these following seven qualities on how to become a great leader.

1. Create solutions
Great leaders are usually big picture-type thinkers. They are simply thinking creatively about challenges as well as the next big idea. They have the potential to discover patterns and decide whatever has to be done with confidence.

2. Be aware and mindful
Being conscious and aware of both yourself as well as other team members is an additional great attribute to have as a leader. Simply being aware indicates you observe how people connect with each other. You are also very likely to pick up on the sensitivities of other individuals which may affect the way they function.

3. Be grounded and centered
The phenomenon with great leaders is that it is usually pretty difficult to knock them off base. They possess a solid grounding which allows them to put together strategic decisions as opposed to just reacting to a situation.

4. Be insightful
Intuition can be great in leading you to the proper decision. Sometimes it can be challenging to trust your intuition when your brain is saying something different. Learn to trust insights and your gut feelings. Most of the time your intuition will lead you down the appropriate path so learn to rely on it.

5. Have a sense of urgency
Although a good leader can inspire and motivate their team members to execute tasks, a great leader does so with a sense of urgency. To be able to stimulate others to action you need to be able to express urgency to your team.

6. Evaluate risk
A great leader can in most cases make an excellent decision regarding evaluating risk. They will consider the ramifications of each possibility and can put plans into place that show these considerations.

7. Build cohesion
Having the ability to gather team members to work together efficiently can be an art form. To inspire others to feel as though they are part of something bigger than themselves requires a great leader. The minute you build cohesion amongst your team, you get more effective engagement from your team members. They will genuinely wish to be there, and they will want to accomplish a great result.

The definition of a ‘great’ leader will most certainly differ from person to person. If you get the chance to work with an inspirational leader, make sure to acquire knowledge from them and evaluate their strategies. Using these tips, learn a few of the traits that make a leader so great.

Valentine Belonwu