Useful tips on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading

Trading cryptocurrencies and bitcoin, can be very inconvenient, ie. with a loss if we do not follow certain rules.

Then losses are inevitable and who likes to be at a loss with anything , even in trading the invisible currencies?

The basic question arises. Is it possible to trade cryptocurrencies and stay at zero or make some money?

Turn off the lottery factor. This type of trade is not of the lottery type. Whoever traded on the stock exchange knows what we are talking about.

As such, it requires understanding and at least 100% focus. And to understand each other- cryptocurrencies are not for everyone.

For those who recognize themselves in this and who have not hesitated, we will present some suggestions, experiences, name tips that may pave the way for them as a gain.

In this game, the amount remains unchanged

The profit of one trader is the loss of another trader. Or, not all traders are profitable. Follow the tips and experiences of the best cryptocurrency traders!

Like other spheres, there are those more experienced traders who wait for the mistakes of others and make a profit on it.

Don’t rush, don’t rush. There will be days when you will make money without doing anything.

Make goals, plan

If you want to succeed, you must understand this game and look a little further than others. And keep in mind that many people often do not make rational decisions.

If you can’t escape the loss already, clearly specify the loss after you simply close the position and don’t go any further.

This is an unusually important part in which a distinction is made between those who know and succeed from those who trade chaotically and emotionally.

Examples from practice indicate that not a small number of traders do not stop in time due to their current position and the state of money.

Usually, their ego does not allow them to stop, even though they have exceeded all risk limits.

Caution is never enough

Because, I don’t know if we invented it, but “beware and God bless you” makes a lot of sense in this trading.

Caution, the FOMO effect lurks!

If a currency suddenly goes up or down with a value, you still don’t have to have it.

Flexibility and instant frenzy still don’t mean you’re not up to date and just waiting for you to get involved.

Because it’s simple. The ascent cannot go on indefinitely, and the big players are waiting for those who can’t stop.

What are those curves and graphs for?

If you ran away from math classes this is not the area for you. Curves, trends, tracking ups and downs are something that is taken for granted in this area.

Those who can read what is happening with currencies will recognize both their chances and business gains. With more or less risk or a dose of uncertainty.

One of the very important rules is:

Never put all your eggs in one basket. If your basket falls out, you will experience a debacle.

It is similar with cryptocurrencies. Avoid investing in one project in a wide arc, no matter how make-up and marketing irresistible it is.

Many successful traders consider such investments a high risk.

And what should I do?

Buy rumors and sell news.

Some unwritten rules indicate that when major news outlets publish news, it may be the right time to say goodbye to the parts of the currencies that the news deals with.

Drive the ego away from you and do not return it until you have finished selling.

Track your results. Track your profits. Don’t let previous success lead you, choose your next purchases or sales carefully.

Learn technical analysis

Technical analyzes performed by IT experts, researchers, traders and financial analysts are a useful tool for planning investment strategies, searching for new ideas and examining exciting topics.

Technical analysis will give you the most detailed and objective view of recent events, supported by mathematical derivation and graphical representations.

Some of the most used technical indicators:

Bitcoin Halving In 2020: Best Trading Opportunity?

This second week of May, Bitcoin will halve it’s block rewards again. The last two times it happened, the crypto reached an all-time high. What will we see this year?

Mind that experts can’t exactly explain what causes these price spikes. Although it depends mostly on Bitcoin demand, halving is a big part of it.

Thankfully, we’ve been able to see many patterns since the Bitcoin came up in 2009. You may be familiar with this chart.

The question is: are we upon the beginning of a new bullish market?

Could Bitcoin Halving Lead To The Next All-Time High?

Remember, crypto markets are volatile. Too many factors come into play and make predictions inaccurate. But to make the explanation simpler, we’ll assume the demand remains the same.

What is this halving, and how does it affect the price? The answer is Bitcoin mining.

By definition, Bitcoin is decentralized thanks to blockchain technology. When two people trade crypto, a Bitcoin miner has to verify the transaction. Because it’s anonymous, the network uses algorithms to validate these transaction “blocks.”

At first, miners got 50 BTC per block verified. As the crypto-coin become more valuable, others invested in computers to mine faster.

No, inflation isn’t a problem. Another feature of Bitcoin is the 21 million cap, so it doesn’t devaluate over time.

Here’s the problem we need to think: those who came first will invest in technology and mine faster. Imagine there are 18M blocks mined (like today in March 2020). Those who got in late will never earn as much as those who came first.

How do you motivate miners to keep verifying transactions?

Why Bitcoin Halving Could Up Prices

Although Bitcoin has become quite popular, there’s still a lot of expansion left. Many people are just getting into crypto, so we can assume the demand will grow over time.

Here’s the secret problem with Bitcoin: people don’t really know what will happen after we hit the 21M cap. How do you keep rewarding miners? Did we mention we’ve already mined over 18 million?

Don’t worry, the Bitcoin creator has thought of that. Every 210,000 blocks verified, Bitcoin halves the block reward. A miner that earned 50 BTC in 2009 would make 25 BTC in 2012 for the same work, then 12.5 in 2016, even less than 6.7 BTC from May 2020.

Given the current technology, we mine one block every ten minutes, which is worth 12.5 BTC. It adds up over 4,000 blocks per month, around 210,000 every four years.

A miner has to work twice as fast for the same reward. So it becomes exponentially harder to mine Bitcoin. Experts believe they could get the last crypto-coin in 2140.

Could It Happen Faster Than Expected?

This delay doesn’t solve the miner’s problem. But it keeps it far enough to think of better solutions. For example, miners may get paid with the trading transactions we pay.

We will hit the 21M cap in 2140, assuming technology remains the same. Remember Moore’s Law?

“The number of transistors on a microchip doubles every two years.”

Technology also evolves exponentially. We may not be that far from that last Bitcoin to mine.

How To Profit From Bitcoin Halving In 2020

Markets follow one rule only: offer and demand. The best investing strategy is looking for high demand and low offer.

Let’s assume Bitcoin continues to expand. If we see a Bitcoin halving, the offer will reduce. Bitcoin mining becomes twice as hard,

and prices go up. That’s what we’ve seen in the last two halvings.

Prices also fall two years after the halving. Probably related to Moore’s Law. Companies upgrade their technology, double their computer power, and get back to the same offers.

Notice that, although it stabilizes, the network becomes more centralized. Every time it halves, you need to invest more in technology. In 2011, anyone with a laptop could be a miner. Today, only ASIC companies can do it effectively.

The good news? Prices stabilize and the network secures. Before the first halving, hacking attacks where common. Today, you need ridiculous computer power.

More buyers + Less Bitcoins = Higher Prices

After a halving, Bitcoin reaches an all-time high, goes down a bit, then reaches a second all-time-high before the next halving. If it happened twice, why couldn’t it happen this time?

The last halving happened in 2016. You saw what happened in 2018. Others expect this new record to be around $250,000, but there’s nothing certain for 2020.

What is Dash CryptoCurrency?

As Dash Cryptocurrency has been gaining popularity like bitcoin when it first spread worldwide in 2014, you may be wondering what is Dash Cryptocurrency and how does the company function and its differences from bitcoin and it’s other competitors.

Dash is an open-sourced cryptocurrency formerly known as Darkcoin due to its brief moments of being used in the Darknet markets and Xcoin when it was first released in 2014 on January 14th.

Dash was founded by Evan Duffield and is one of the top 12 cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ripple, and etc. Dash became its official name on March 25, 2015.

Although dash cryptocurrency is considered fungible due to it being a traditional fiat currency, Dash is known for its self-governing and self-funding nature.

This allows for the profiteers to have a say in how to improve the program. The governance of this system overcomes the shortfalls the Bitcoin offers, unfortunately.

Dash is able to self fund itself through its reward system. Dash allows for both the masternodes and miners to earn 45% of the mined profits to their dash wallet, before storing the final 10% towards network funding. This is effective due to the blockchain system needing continuous development which is built on top of the Bitcoin also uses.

Dash’s popularity comes from its privacy and better transaction speed, unlike bitcoin. Unlike bitcoin which is completely public allowing any person with access to the public address of the sender and receiver.

They are also able to see how much it’s worth and previous transaction history. Because of this Dash is completely untraceable so you are not required to disclose your minings to the IRS.

Dash’s transaction speed and privacy are made possible by its 3 features. Masternodes has the ability to validate transactions, act as shareholders, vote on terms to improve Dash, relaying messages, hosting a copy of Blockchain.

In order to become a Masternode, you must have ownership for over 1000 Dash coins, have a static IP address, and a minimum CPU ram, disk space, and network bandwidth. The other two features fall directly under Masternodes.

You have the ability of InstantSend which bypasses mining and requires the consensus of a Masternode to validate a transaction and it’s speed.

Unfortunately, this feature requires an extra additional cost or fee for the service. The final feature is titled PrivateSend, this makes transactions untraceable and combines unspent user’s Dash.

PrivateSend prevents the reveal of user’s identities. Although Dash is popular due to its security, it’s only secure if a bug doesn’t get written into the code like it did when the company was first launched resulting in 2 million being mined within 48hrs when the company limit is 18 million. Because of its popularity Dash has become insanely powerful.

Dash has grown exponentially over the past few years. In 2018 Dash’s market capitalization had grown to around $4.3 billion. Due to the company rise, the profits have risen too, providing the early investors with a tremendous return. Although Dash has become a cryptocurrency powerhouse it is still Cryptocurrency where investors should be very mindful of.

ATM Bitcoin Near Me – How To Find It

Should you use Bitcoin ATMs? In 2020, there are over 6,080 of these machines. Where can you find them, and should you even consider them?

It’s a matter of time Bitcoin ATMs spread around the world. Many people like the idea of turning Bitcoin right into cash.

Depending on your financial decisions, it can either turn into a gold mine or a money pit. First, let’s see where you can find one.

Bitcoin ATMs In Over 75 Countries

Over 60% of the ATMs located in the US and 25% are in Europe. Yet, this technology is unequally dispersed. Some states have over 200 ATMs; others have less than five. The business activity may influence this trend after all.

You can find them anywhere in mainstream cities. NYC, San Francisco, London, Melbourne, Paris, Tokyo, or Hong Kong.

For most of the investors, unfortunately, ATM locations may be too far from them. It’s not that simple for habitual investors.

Do We Really Need Bitcoin ATMs?

Bitcoin has been growing like crazy this 2020. You may wonder: “why doesn’t it keep expanding locations?”

Obviously, more and more people are joining the crypto market. But ATMs have disadvantages that online platforms don’t have.

  • If you need to buy or sell as soon as possible, location is a limitation. However, this issue will quickly solve as Bitcoin grows in the future.
  • ATM takes 5% to 10% of your amount. It doesn’t become a problem until you want to cash out larger sums. If ATMs are your only way to get Bitcoins out, it will be very hard to make profits. At least, you need to beat the market by 10% only to break even.
  • to get your information and clear the account. Did we mention blockchain transactions are impossible to undo?

Thankfully, Bitcoin is setting multiple verification measures: mobile Pins, code authenticators, or wallet encryption.

Convert Bitcoins And USD In ATMs

With the advanced models, you can both buy and sell Bitcoins, assuming you still have money left after fees.

In order to make money with ATMs, Bitcoin needs to skyrocket. Mind that each location has a different percentage fee. Plus, ATMs are convenient when you have no connection to exchange online.

If you need money right away and have no trading peers, ATMs are also a good choice, if not the only one. You should only use them as your last resource.

Once service fees reduce, you can expect ATMs to get to more locations.

Although Bitcoin ATMs are far from efficient, it helps the crypto-currency to become accessible and grow the market. Not even mentioning the many global companies accepting Bitcoin already. It’s 2020 and you can fund your Microsoft account, pay mobile bills or buy a Bitcoin shirt.

Even a 6% fee makes no difference for low amounts. After all, people spend cash for small daily expenses, not large purchases. And if you need to cash out anyway, peer-to-peer trades are far more efficient than ATMs.

When using large numbers, avoid fees at all costs. People should still use online exchange sites more often than ATMs.

Bitcoin stock price: what’s really behind it?

The bitcoin price is known for its sudden, massive moves and sometimes unpredictable behavior. Many people don’t understand how bitcoin can be so volatile, and are scared about its price. What’s the matter? What factors lie behind it? Let’s shed some light on why this happens

Whale activity

The bitcoin world has a notion of so called “whales”, very big holders. These are people (or entities) who possess absolutely massive numbers of bitcoin and are adept at manipulating the price. Whales can potentially orchestrate a sell-out, triggering other market participants. This, of course, causes bitcoin stock prices to go down substantially. However, the effect is usually not permanent: the price tends to recover after a certain time has elapsed. Whales can also cause a massive, rapid upswing, or an upward move. It’s not uncommon for bitcoin to reverse its direction out of a sudden. What do whales really pursue? Often, they simply hunt so called margin traders. Bitcoin margin trading, a highly risky activity, became increasingly popular. Margin traders usually have a certain price trigger after which they buy or sell at a loss. This is precisely what many whales are after.

Greed and fear

Bitcoin stock prices are largely driven by retail interest, meaning regular people with regular jobs and interests. Of course, such people are affected by mass psychology. When the price is on the rise, they become greedy and desperate not to miss out. When whales cause it to drop, they’re overwhelmed with fear. Another important factor is news: new announcements by the SEC can cause mass panic, while more positive news bring the opposite.

The China factor

China and bitcoin are traditionally intertwined. Bitcoin is produced by so called miners, server farms with specialized equipment (mining rigs). China is home to the biggest mining companies because of its cheap electricity prices. Chinese miners produce most of new bitcoins, which means they can manipulate the price as well. They’re very big holders and are able to influence the charts. On top of that, Chinese cryptocurrency regulations also come into play. When the Chinese government announced restrictions on bitcoin trading, it affected bitcoin stock prices severely. Nonetheless, Chinese users still remain very active users of bitcoin, and China-based exchanges make up a substantial share of all exchanges, including such prominent ones as Huobi.

Future expectations

Because of the so called “stock-to-flow” factor, the bitcoin price is expected to go up in the long term (even though it still can be subject to rapid downfalls). Stock-to-flow means how much of a certain asset we need to produce to reach its current supply, based on its current production quota. In case of bitcoin, this number is surprisingly high. Meaning, only a very small number of new bitcoins is produced every year, while the total supply remains very huge. Indeed, the basic rule of economics tells us about supply and demand. Fewer of new bitcoins means that the supply becomes narrower, while the demand coming from users remains the same. In the end, this is great for the price.

Information About Bitcoin Mining Calculations

Bitcoin Mining Calculations

Bitcoin mining calculations can help you to predict the profit you will make according to different factors which influence the operation of mining. This works with the help of the simple principles.

To take the input values of the mining hardware to feed into Bitcoin Mining Algorithm, do the calculations and also predicts the revenue or profit. You can also know the number of bitcoin profitability and generated at the same time. Here is how the bitcoin mining calculation is done.

Basically, you are required to consider the Hash rate of the miner, which means when the hash rate is high, the mining of bitcoin will be faster. You can measure Hash Rate in GigaHashes per Second (GH/s).

Another thing you are required to do is to enter the power in Watts, which the mining device consumes. Once you have done that, the power price is considered which you get electricity.

When the price of electricity is lower, the operation of bitcoin mining is profitable. Also, poor fee percentage is considered as many pools for the bitcoin mining charge small fee. After you have deducted the percentage of the fees, you are sure of getting the clearer, having better picture of the mining profitability.

Difficulties in mining is also a factor which is considered. Since the time bitcoin network went on live, difficulties in mining have constantly been increasing where when the difficulty is high, miners who are mining bitcoin are harder.

Block reward becomes the crucial factor basically on the numbers of the bitcoins being released upon solving the block where this number keep reducing with 50% after 4 years.

The existing block reward is about 12.5 BTC in every block that can reduce to about 5.25 BTC in every block in the month of 2020. Likewise, bitcoin price takes into account when for bitcoin mining calculations. This has a major impact on the profits of bitcoin mining.

Need for the bitcoin mining calculations

Mining is more than something you may do to gain in bitcoin. This is the proper investment which requires detailed through the process. No investment can be made without considering profitability because bitcoin mining calculations helps in determining the profitability of the mining operations.

Considering this in the field of cryptocurrency, all things are dynamic where you are required to track the progress and also how profitability the mining operation work.

Sometimes these change of dynamic can be internal like increasing difficulty in mining or drop in a block reward. Nevertheless, external changes are there like change in poll fees percentage or cost of electricity.

When you keep these factors in your mind, they are very important, and any change to these factors can change the mining operations’ profitability. The crucial factor, on the other hand, continues being the operation of bitcoin mining. once the bitcoin price goes high, the more profit becomes in the mining operation.

If there is a lower fall in the price of bitcoin, the profits will fall this giving the idea of how bitcoin mining calculation is done.

The 3 best sites to buy Bitcoin with debit card

Buying Bitcoin with debit card wasn’t that easy a few years ago, but now, thanks to companies like the ones we’re going to recommend below, the process is simple and very fast.

In this article we will show you the 3 best exchanges that you can use to buy bitcoins with a debit card, and we will briefly mention their advantages and disadvantages, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

That said, we suggest you use one of the services we recommend here or do your own research before buying from a different place. There are many untrustworthy sites that just want to steal your debit card details, and unfortunately in this type of market scams are very common.

So read on to find out about the best places to buy bitcoins with a debit card!


Bit2Me is the largest Spanish cryptocurrency exchange. It has been operating since 2015 and was the first company in the world to allow bitcoins to be converted to euros in cash using traditional ATMs. As advantages, we can mention that its customer service is very efficient and is in 2 languages, Spanish and English. The delivery of the bitcoins is made in less than an hour, and it is possible to make purchases from 30 euros. The commissions are lower than average, and although some countries cannot work with this exchange, they accept transactions from most countries in the world. Unfortunately, the exchange rate is not one of the most favourable on the market, so you may be able to find a better deal elsewhere.


Coinmama is a broker specialized in the sale of bitcoins through debit and credit cards, which makes it ideal for this type of transaction. Its service is fast, efficient and secure, and probably you will receive the bitcoins in your wallet almost instantly once the purchase process is completed. Unfortunately, since this is their biggest strength, the commission they charge when buying bitcoins with a devit card is relatively high, at least compared to similar services. However, it is possible to purchase a very high amount of bitcoins, which is not the case on all sites of this type. Coinmama accepts transactions from almost every country in the world.


Coinbase is the world’s largest criptocurrency broker. It has over 20 million clients in 33 countries, and has an excellent reputation. Both the wallet offered by this platform and the possibility of acquiring various crypto currencies make it one of the best sites for those just entering the world of bitcoin. Coinbase’s debit card purchase fee is 3.99%, which is one of the lowest in the industry. However, buying bitcoins with debit card is only available to select countries, so you’ll need to make sure you can do this from the country you’re in.

As you can see, it’s difficult to know which is the best option when buying bitcoins with debit card as the options are almost endless. That’s why it’s always best to try several of the sites we mentioned, with small amounts at first, and once you know how they work and feel comfortable you can start buying larger amounts in the one you like best.

We hope this article has cleared up any doubts about buying bitcoins with a debit card.